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Infrastructure and Equipment

Infrastructure and Equipment
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Infrastructure and Equipment

Raised: ₹10,100.00 / Goal: ₹1.15 crore

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The Saidham Cancer Hospital led by Dr. Swapnil Mane has been a pioneering force in the fight against Cancer in Rural India. Even when Dr. Mane began his work in 2011, he ensured that the equipment he used was at par with the best available in India. Even today, the entire team strives to offer patients the best in Infrastructure and Equipment.   Of course, all this doesn't come easily, especially since the team often has to choose between saving the life of a patient and buying new equipment. Understandably, the patient's life always gains priority. This is why this cancer-fighting brigade is asking you for your help. Any donation you make towards this Infrastructure and Equipment Fund will go a long way in helping the team members and the hospital to equip themselves with world-class amenities. The current list of urgent requirements include:

C Arm (Digital X-Ray) Samsung - Rs. 12,00,000

Digital X-Ray (Aero Rad) - Rs. 13,50,000

Sonography – HS 80A - Rs. 56,00,000

Laser Machine for minor surgeries - Rs. 15,00,000

Laporoscopic - White Light Source - Rs. 2,30,000

Camera - Laporoscope - Rs. 14,00,000

Monitor - Laporoscopic - Rs. 2,10,000