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The Saidham Cancer Hospital has been working towards eradicating Cancer in Rural India since 2011. The primary elements in the Plan of Action of Dr. Swapnil Mane and his team are spreading Awareness, holding Cancer Detection Camps, raising Funds for those who are detected with Cancer and require Cancer Treatment, ensuring that the patients complete the entire Cancer Treatment Cycle and Rehabilitation of cured patients.

The team covers all the elements of the social, personal and medical aspects of Cancer and achieves this through a 5-Step Process.

  1. Awareness: Conducting Educational Programs on Cancer
  2. Detection: Holding Medical Camps for Cancer-Detection
  3. Fundraising: Raising Funds for those Afflicted with Cancer
  4. Treatment: Treating Patients with Surgery, Chemotherapy etc.
  5. Rehabilitation: Reintegrating Recovered Patients into their Community

In covering every aspect of Cancer, the Saidham Cancer Hospital Team ensures that the rural population of India knows all there is to know about the dreaded disease of cancer and then know the modes of treatment available to them too. in strengthening the community, the team ensures that entire generations grow up to be aware of every element associated with cancer. This knowledge will then help them educate others to combat this disease in the most effective way possible.

Learn about these 5 steps in detail.

Spreading awareness and educating the people living in villages and remote tribal locations on all the important aspects of Cancer is the first step that the Saidham Cancer Hospital takes towards combating the disease.

The team and its volunteers hold educational programs in villages, informing the people of every important pointer related to cancer. The dangers of chewing tobacco and smoking are put forth to the rural population and they are also made aware of how they can screen themselves and their children for any symptoms that may show signs of the disease.

These educational programs also help the team gain the trust of the rural population and in turn, lets them know that the Saidham Cancer Hospital and every member associated with it is right there by their side in their fight against Cancer.

After gaining the trust of the population and ensuring them that they are in safe hands, the Saidham Cancer Hospital works towards Cancer Detection Camps.

While the primary aim of these camps is to identify those who have been affected by Cancer, the team also offers peripheral medical treatment to the population. There have even been instances where the team has been summoned for emergencies in these remote locations – this is the amount of trust and dependability that the team has built over the years.

These Cancer Detection Camps have helped the team identify a long list of patients who have been afflicted by various types of cancers. These timely detections have helped the team save several lives and even where the cancer in particular patients has reached its final stages, the team has been able to provide the dying with medical aid and comfort that allows them to live their final days with dignity.

In cases where there is still even a faint glimmer of hope, the team gets down to work and plans a strategy to do what it does best – Fight Cancer!

In Rural India, setting aside money for medical emergencies is a concept these communities just cannot afford. Barely managing to find enough employment opportunities to earn decent daily wages, feeding their families takes priority above everything else. At times, even this is not possible.

Under these circumstances, it falls upon the Saidham Cancer Treatment to also undertake fundraising activities for the patients who are waiting to be treated by them. Some patients need Surgeries – some even multiple – while others require several rounds of Chemotherapy. Even a fraction of these costs cannot be borne by these rural families so the Saidham Team gets down to raising funds too.

While the funds are being raised, the team ensures that the patient at least begins receiving primary treatment to keep the cancer and its symptoms in check. There have even been cases where the patient and his or her family have shifted base to the hospital premises and the Saidham team has arranged for their stay, food and other necessary concerns.

Once the funds have been raised, the team begins the treatment cycles and combats the cancer in the patient’s body in a proactive manner.

The Saidham Cancer Hospital team has maintained a fine balane between using the funds it raises for the treatment of its patients and the upgrading of the facilities it provides patients.

The treatment modes that the team of Oncologists and other medical professionals offer to patients is therefore fine-tuned to offer excellent results at low costs. When funds are low and one has to choose between the life of a patient and buying equipment necessary for the hospital, it is always a difficult choice to make. Yet, the team has managed to accomplish both goals despite limited resources.

A well-equipped Operation Theater allows Dr. Swapnil Mane and his team to undertake even complicated surgeries, while the Recovery Units in the form of well-kept and lively rooms ensure that the patient recovers in a positive and upbeat environment.

After the intial treatment cycles that include surgeries and chemotherapy sessions, the hospital also dedicates a team to ensure that the patients, even after they have been sent home after complete recovery, return for follow-up checkups. In some cases, where the patient simply does not comprehend the importance of routine checkups, the team even visits the patients and ensures that they remain cancer-free.

Rehabilitation is an important part of the process that the Saidham Cancer Hospital team undertakes. In Rural India, where people are not entirely aware of what Cancer is, they often consider it a taboo or a curse. It is therefore necessary to educate the communities and even families of the patients that Cancer has nothing to do with the deeds of a person or even his or her habits.

While lifestyle certain contributes to certain types of cancer, the team takes extra efforts to ensure that the person who has undergone cancer treatment is welcomed back into the fold of the community.

Moreover, the team also explains to the family of the patient on the importance of completing the entire treatment cycle which includes oral medicines, chemotherapy sessions and routine checkups.

In Rural India, timely and efficient medical aid is still a dream. However, dedicated teams like the Saidham Cancer Hospital make it their mission to go out of the way and help the community.

While most of the medical fraternity caters to the Urban populace that provides them with hefty profits, here is the Saidham Team that not only goes out of its way to provide treatment to the Rural population but also raises funds to ensure that they receive timely treatment.

Join the Saidham Cancer Hospital in their endeavor to rid Rural India of Cancer.

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