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Medical Camps

Medical Camps
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Medical Camps

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The Medical Camps that the Saidham Cancer Hospital team conducts in remote villages and rural and tribal areas come together to form a unique initiative. This method enables the team to access areas where people remain unaware that they are suffering from cancer and eventually, die a slow and painful death. These Medical Camps help the team zero in on cancer patients who are suffering from the early stages of the disease and thus, treat them in time. These medical camps have helped the team save the lives of thousands of patients. You, too, can be a part of this initiative. All you have to do is donate towards these Medical Camps and help the Saidham Cancer Hospital Team detect cancer cases in time.
  • The Cost Structure for these Medical Camps include the following components:
  • Traveling Expenses: Rs. 1000/-
  • Cancer Tests - 200 patients @ Rs. 260/- per patient: Rs. 52,000/-
  • Publicity, Setting up of Temporary Medical Tents etc: Rs. 11,000/-
  • Snacks, Water Bottles etc.: Rs. 1000/-
  • The total expenses incurred for a single camp therefore add up to around Rs. 65,000/-.
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