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The Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Team’s unique initiative works on very different lines from other cancer initiatives.

Firstly, the team works in Rural India where even basic medical facilities are not easily available. In areas where people are happy to even see a doctor, let alone find treatment from one, the team uses its tools of dedicated awareness programs and cancer-detection camps for early identification of cancer cases.

The Saidham team doesn’t wait for patients to walk through its doors but instead, adopts a multi-pronged approach towards the eradication of cancer.

Moreover, it offers financial assistance through its fundraising activities too, ensuring patients who are already struggling with their disease they do not have to worry about the financial aspect of their treatment.

The Five-Step Program:

  1. Awareness: Conducting Educational Programs on Cancer
  2. Detection: Holding Medical Camps for Cancer-Detection
  3. Fundraising: Raising Funds for those Afflicted with Cancer
  4. Treatment: Treating Patients with Surgery, Chemotherapy etc.
  5. Rehabilitation: Reintegrating Recovered Patients into their Community

The Medical Camps and Cancer Detection Drives held by Dr. Mane and his team in Rural India help screen the men, women, and children of remote villages and tribal areas for a series of afflictions.

While the team provides treatment for conditions ranging from serious injuries to providing vaccinations, they ensure that Cancer Detection takes priority above everything else.

These detailed screenings have helped the team diagnose patients who have been suffering from cancer of various types without even knowing that the disease is slowly gnawing away at their health.

Then, the next step is to help the patients and their families understand what they are up against and assure them that no matter what the hurdles, the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Team is right by their side.

It all began with raising donations from local communities from nearby towns and cities as well as forming a body to help source donations from these entities. As time went by, people saw the work the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Unit was undertaking and fulfilling and joined in.

Today, although there have been several patients who have received free treatment through the funds raised by the team, there are even more who have to go back empty-handed and wait for the fate that their cancer has in store of them.

As professionals from the medical community and even as humans who care for other humans, it was increasingly saddening for the members of the team to deny treatment to patients, only because they lacked funds.

This is why the team took the next smart step to raise funds for their Cancer Patients – Setting up an online platform.

Since 2011, the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Unit has been fighting single-handedly against the affliction of cancer in Rural India.

The members of the team have spread awareness, held cancer-detection drives in remote villages and then, once they have detected patients in need of treatment, have even raised funds for their treatments.

However, the trust they have gained and the drives they have conducted have both resulted in an increased number of patients in need of help. Today, seven years into their unique initiative, the name of Saidham Hospital is synonymous with cancer treatment in Rural India.

While it is indeed satisfying for the team to cater to an increasing number of patients and ridding them of cancer, it is also proving to be a strain on their financial resources.

Spending their time holding medical camps, conducting surgeries and chemotherapy sessions and following up with illiterate or semi-literate patients to ensure that they remain cancer-free, the team is finding it increasingly difficult to find time to raise funds.

This is why the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Unit is now reaching out to the global online community in the hope that they will lend their support to this unique initiative.

This is where you come in.

Help this good-hearted team of medical professionals with the funds to fight cancer.

Help them save lives.

In the villages and tribal areas of rural India, people are not even aware of the far-reaching consequences of the dreaded disease that is cancer. There have been instances where people have died of cancer and haven’t even been aware of the cause of their suffering.

Dr. Swapnil Mane and his dedicated team of doctors and other medical professionals conduct special drives to educate the people of Rural India on Cancer.

Taking into confidence the village elders, the team uses specialized awareness and educational programs to introduce the people of remote villages to all the information they need on cancer.

They then assure this mostly illiterate and semi-literate population that the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment team is right here to take them to the next step – Cancer Detection.

When Dr. Swapnil Mane took up the task of fighting Cancer in Rural India, he knew he was up against a long list of challenges.

Slowly, but surely, he took into his stride most of the challenges that came his way – from the lack of proper transportation facilities to remote villages and tribal locations to having to convince the patients for their own treatments.

The one challenge he and his dedicated team met, and still struggle to meet, was Fundraising.

In Rural India, communities in villages and tribes living in secluded areas seldom receive their share of three square meals a day. Even simple ailments go untreated here only for the lack of financial aid in seeking medical attention.

So meeting the costs for the treatment of an ailment as serious as cancer was something that these patients could never ever think of.

This is where Dr. Mane and his band of Good Samaritans came into the picture. Knowing that they would have to help with more than just their professional expertise, the team got down to the job of raising funds too.

The Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Team loses no time in getting down to what they do best – Fight Cancer.

It is a sad fact today that no matter how hard the team tries, often, the fundraising activities for several patients simply do not meet the set financial goals. However, knowing that it is their primary duty to ease the patient’s suffering in any way possible, the team undertakes several steps.

From surgeries to chemotherapy sessions, the Saidham team takes every necessary step to eliminate every single cell of cancer from the patient’s body. At times, the lack of funds stops them in their tracks. Even then, the team doesn’t lose hope. There have even been times when the members of the team have met potential donors in person to try and convince them to save a patient’s life.

The struggle, however, is real, and today, the only dream that this dedicated team has is access to enough funds for each Cancer Patient that pleadingly look up to them for help.

When you donate towards the treatment of a patient or even the infrastructure or medical equipment of the Saidham Hospital Cancer Treatment Unit, the team recognizes your effort. It isn’t easy to go out of your way and help someone, and when you do so, you deserve to know what happens with your money too.

The Saidham team assures you that you will be informed of every development in the treatment of a patient.

Every step the patient takes towards the betterment of his or her health – thanks to your valuable donation – is a blessing, and since you are a part of it all, you will receive regular emails, so you know of all that’s happening too.

You will know of the line of treatment that has been set up for the patient, updates on every step of the treatment – from surgeries to chemotherapy sessions – and even updates on their rehabilitation and subsequent checkups.

Even when you donate towards the infrastructure, medical equipment or just about any other cause related to the Saidham Hospital, regular communication will let you in on all the happenings.

We respect your donation. We understand the importance of your hard-earned money.

Hence, it is not only our obligation but also our duty to give you every piece of information that assures you that you have given to the right cause.

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