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Sai Baba: The Spiritual Legend

Om Sai Ram!

The legend of Sai Baba is easily one of the most impressive legends of them all, and when one considers the fact that it has only been a century since the great teacher took Samadhi, it is indeed amazing how popular he is all over the world.

A great teacher who knew no religion except for the religion of humanity, Sai Baba’s devotees are spread all over the world, and with good reason too. Teaching the poor to find bliss in the little they have, teaching the rich to know what it is to give and teaching everyone beautiful lessons in humanity, Sai Baba is alive through his teachings even today.

These are the teachings that form the foundation of the work and mission of Saidham Cancer Hospital. The proximity of Rahuri, the town where the hospital is based, to Shirdi, the home of Sai Baba, is only one of the reasons for the Century’s Greatest Spiritual Teacher’s association. The constant urge to help the poor and the sick that Baba nurtured is the same urge that inspires every member of the Saidham Cancer Hospital Team. It is this inspiration that enables them to leave the comforts of their homes and high-paying jobs and instead, roam through rural areas and help cancer patients without thinking about what they would get in return.

When Sai Baba inspires, even those with loads of gold give it all up to follow his teachings. This very lesson forms the foundation of the work of the Saidham Cancer Hospital Team.

May all those who know Sai Baba and help this team in any way they can know that they are following Baba’s teachings, and may those who are yet to know Baba, find bliss in the fact that every penny they donate here is their way of helping a fellow human being in distress.

Om Sai Ram!


Dr. Swapnil Mane’s Story of Inspiration

Dr. Swapnil Mane was only a child of ten years when he noticed the suffering of those who were ill. Later, he realized how intense the scourge of Cancer was in Rural India. Cancer was not only killing people, it was also upsetting the lifestyles of those who were suffering from the disease.

Promising himself that he would someday dedicate his life to ease the suffering of his fellow men, Dr. Mane spent his efforts in becoming a doctor. Thanks to his hard work and resolve, he was soon a renowned doctor with all the degrees he had enough to take him to a high-flying career in any top city in India or even abroad. Dr. Mane, however, at every step, knew what his true aim was – Fighting Cancer in Rural India.

As soon as was equipped with the knowledge he needed to fight Cancer, Dr. Mane returned to the villages of India in 2011, setting the foundation for the Saidham Cancer Hospital. Slowly, his mission attracted more followers, and soon enough, he had an entire team willing to brave the odds in fighting cancer. As he traversed villages and tribal areas, Dr. Mane realized that apart from the dangers of cancer, the dangers of being unable to fight the illness due to a severe lack of funds was an equal threat.

This is when Dr. Mane decided that he will initiate fundraising efforts on behalf of his patients too.

Today, Dr. Mane and his team divide their time between treating cancer and gathering the funds required for these treatments. You too can be a part of this effort by simply donating towards the treatment of one of the patients seeking treatment under the Saidham Cancer Hospital banner.

Join Dr. Swapnil Mane and his team’s fight against cancer today!

Unite and Fight Cancer!


Mr. Rakesh Juneja’s Story of Inspiration

Mr. Rakesh Juneja’s love for Sai Baba and his teachings is well known within his circles and also outside it. A successful businessman, the humility that Mr. Juneja holds in his hearts has always enabled him to notice the suffering of others. This ability that he has gained through Sai Baba’s teachings has even inspired him to write the Sai Gyaneshwari, a book filled with knowledge on how one can live a humble life and share all that one has with the rest of humanity.

It is this quest of helping others that inspired Mr. Juneja to associate himself with the mission of Dr. Swapnil Mane. Dr. Mane’s selfless efforts and dedication were impressive and Mr. Juneja left no stone unturned in helping him. Funding the infrastructure that is a part of the Saidham Cancer Hospital today and even buying an additional plot of land in anticipation of further expansion, Mr. Juneja has indeed been a driving force in this fight against Cancer.

The vast distance that separates the north of India from where Mr. Juneja hails and Shirdi has never stopped him from visiting Shirdi and paying his respects to Sai Baba several times a year. Now, thanks to his association with the Saidham Cancer Hospital, Mr. Juneja now ensures that these trips enable him to help cancer patients in every way possible too.

Join Mr. Rakesh Juneja in this unique fight against Cancer in Rural India.

Om Sai Ram!


Trustees of Saidham Cancer Hospital

The trustees of Saidham Cancer Hospital are a unique lot. Although they are all busy with their own lives, they know how beautiful it is to look beyond their own happiness and notice the sadness of those who are not as lucky as them. For years, these trustees have helped the efforts of the Saidham Cancer Hospital in every way possible, and even today, they continue to give up their own comforts to help those who are suffering from Cancer.



Dr. Swapnil Mane, Rahuri, Maharashtra – Founder, Chairman, Gynaec-Oncosurgeon

Rakesh Juneja, Gurgaon, Haryana – Trustee, Treasurer, Author, Philanthropist, Businessman

Shishir Mandya, Thane – Social Worker

Amol Sainwar, Thane – Social worker, Engineer by Profession

Kum. Anju Tandon, New Delhi – Journalist, Editor and Media Partner

Basavraj Shinde, Shirdi – Entrepreneur, Social Worker

Narendra Nasirkar, Sai Devotee, Sai Kathaakaar, Nagpur

Dr. Prashant Mane, Rahuri, Maharashtra – Doctor, Social Worker

Madhavrao Mane, Songaon, Rahuri, Maharashtra – Ex-Banker, Senior Trustee, Caretaker at the Hospital

Dr Kuldeep Mahajen

He is the medical director to our foundation. He runs skill development programs for the poor and  needy cancer patients and staff serving them.

Courses include:

  • Nursing assistant
  • Multi purpose worker
  • Bed side assistant.

He has been authorized on behalf of Dr Mane Medical Foundation &Research center for taking forward the process of application, financing and receiving donation from any potential company.

Dr Kuldeep Mahajen’s email and contact: drkuldeep.md83@gmail.com | +91 8850824766

Well-Wishers of Saidham Hospital

When the cause is noble, there are several who lend their support in any way they can. There have been several well-wishers who have contributed towards the growth and sustenance of Saidham Cancer Hospital through the years. Here, we list some of them.



With the Blessings of Swami Baldeo Ji Bharti, Sai Seva Sadhanashram, Dhupgaon, Aurangabad

Shri Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood Actor), Mumbai

Shri Pankaj Mahajan, Nagpur

Mrs. Sapna Lalchandani, Prati Shirdi, Maval, Pune

Dr. Vaibhav Deogirkar, Director Hindu Sabha Hospital, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

Shri Ambadas Mankape Dada, Adarsh Udyog Group, Aurangabad

Dr. Mahendra Sinha, Mumbai

Shri H K Pethwal, Dehradun

Shri Dilip M Pawar Kaka, Pune

Shri J Venkatraman, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Dr. Girish  Juneja, Pain physician, Michigan, USA

Shri Gulshan Arora, New Delhi

Seth Nanjibhai Khimji Bhai Thakkar, Thane

Ramakrishnan Foundation, California, USA

Chandra Shekhar Kadam, Shirdi – Vice President, Sai Baba Sansthan

Bhausaheb Waghchowre, Shirdi – Trustee, Sai Baba Sansthan


And many others!


Thanks to All Donors 

While every contribution is a blessing for the cause that Saidham Cancer Hospital has taken up, there have been certain donors who have played a significant role. Here, we list a few of them.


Saidham Cancer Hospital Donors

Being Human Salman Khan Foundation

ONGC, Mumbai

Altico Capital Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Fabtech Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Swati Kukreja, Suresh Medical Agency, Indore

Anil Lal, India Arts, USA

Pirojshah Godrej Foundation, Mumbai

Mr. Anil Chaddha, USA

Saraswati and Bal Gangadhar Foundation, Mumbai

Child Vision and Education, Borivali, Mumbai

Life Save Foundation, Mumbai

KARO Trust, Mumbai


We thank the people and foundations on this list as well as the hundreds of other donors who have helped drive forth the “Unite and Fight Cancer” Mission of Saidham Cancer Hospital.