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Mr. Rakesh Juneja’s Story of Inspiration

Mr. Rakesh Juneja’s love for Sai Baba and his teachings is well known within his circles and also outside it. A successful businessman, the humility that Mr. Juneja holds in his heart has always enabled him to notice the suffering of others. This ability that he has gained through Sai Baba’s teachings has even inspired him to write the Sai Gyaneshwari, a book filled with knowledge on how one can live a humble life and share all that one has with the rest of humanity.

It is this quest of helping others that inspired Mr. Juneja to associate himself with the mission of Dr. Swapnil Mane. Dr. Mane’s selfless efforts and dedication were impressive and Mr. Juneja left no stone unturned in helping him. Funding the infrastructure that is a part of the Saidham Cancer Hospital today and even buying an additional plot of land in anticipation of further expansion, Mr. Juneja has indeed been a driving force in this fight against Cancer.

The vast distance that separates the north of India from where Mr. Juneja hails and Shirdi has never stopped him from visiting Shirdi and paying his respects to Sai Baba several times a year. Now, thanks to his association with the Saidham Cancer Hospital, Mr. Juneja now ensures that these trips enable him to help cancer patients in every way possible too.

Join Mr. Rakesh Juneja in this unique fight against Cancer in Rural India.

Om Sai Ram!