Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center

Dr. Angaraj Pawar

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Angaraj Pawar

Dr. Angaraj Pawar, the Oral Surgeon who assists Dr. Mane in cases that require an Oral Expert’s intervention, was born in a poor, tribal family and had seen the suffering of the rural population firsthand.

While he had decided early in life that he would associate himself with the medical fraternity to provide treatment to his fellow population in Rural India, his social worker mother ensured that her son followed his dreams and fulfilled them. After all, it was a dream filled with compassion.

However, it was only after joining the Saidham Cancer Hospital Team that Dr. Pawar found true direction to his dream. With the Saidham Team, Dr. Pawar can now spend his hours working for the poor and the needy and provide them with his expertise to beat various types of Oral Cancer.