Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center

Dr. Swapnil Mane

Founder and President of the Saidham Cancer Hospital

Dr. Swapnil Mane

It takes a heart filled with compassion to even think of lending a helping hand to one’s fellow men and it takes a great leader to propel these compassionate thoughts with the right actions.

Dr. Swapnil Mane has both these qualities in abundance and this makes him the main driving force of the Saidham Cancer Hospital.

As an Oncologist, Surgeon and Founder and President of the Saidham Cancer Hospital and the Mane Medical Foundation and Research Centre, Dr. Mane is the face of this unique movement that aims to eradicate Cancer in Rural India.

Born in the village of Songaon in Rural India, Dr. Mane, even at a young age, was well aware of the difficulties that villagers faced when it came to seeking medical treatment. Early in life, he had decided he would study hard and become a doctor so that he could return to his village and treat them for their conditions.

As he began this journey, Dr. Mane realized that Cancer was one of the deadliest killers in the rural community, as it is in the rest of the world. The only difference was that urban populations had ready access to diagnostic and treatment facilities whereas in Rural India, none of these facilities were available. Moreover, the people here were not even aware of how badly cancer was affecting them.

The lack of health infrastructure from the Government, the inability of the rural population to travel large distances to seek treatment and the urgent need for a tertiary facility in rural areas were other driving factors.

After carefully reviewing these factors and understanding the need for a dedicated body that brings about real changes, Dr. Mane decided he would dedicate his life to the eradication of cancer in Rural India.

Today, through the Saidham Hospital and the Mane Medical Foundation and Research Centre, Dr. Mane is not only saving hundreds of lives that would have otherwise lost several of their years to cancer but is also involved in raising funds for the treatment of these poor patients.

In addition to these philanthropic and medical endeavors, Dr. Mane is also actively involved in Cancer Research and even has several patents to his name.

Truly a soul that is set apart from the rest, Dr. Mane, even today, maintains that his one dream in life is to see Rural India made completely capable of tackling the serious threat that is Cancer.