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Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center (DMMFARC) is a non-profit organization, on a mission to empower all rural people to fight cancer through awareness, prevention, early detection, patient support and survivor empowerment.
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Medical Camps

Saidham Cancer Hospital team conducts Cancer awareness & early detection Medical Camps in rural and remote areas. You can be a part of these efforts by donating towards the costs of these Medical Camps.

The Patients’ Funding Pool

The Patients’ Funding Pool has been created to ensure that needy & prevent early cancer patients who walk into the Saidham Cancer Hospital for help receive the complete free treatment.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Support for purchase of critical medical equipment for providing better quality care for the patient. Donations to conduct high quality research projects and improve patient cancer outcomes.



Till MAY 2024

Rural Cancer Detection Camps


Free Surgeries

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