Free Cancer Awareness Camp in rural India

The saidham cancer hospital has been working towards eradicating cancer in rural india since 2011. The primary elements in the plan of action of dr. Swapnil mane and his team are spreading awareness, holding cancer detection camps, raising funds for those who are detected with cancer and require cancer treatment, ensuring that the patients complete the entire cancer treatment cycle and rehabilitation of cured patients

In Rural India, timely and efficient medical aid is still a dream. However, dedicated teams like the Saidham Cancer Hospital make it their mission to go out of the way and help the community.

Free Cancer awareness Camp in Maharashtra by saidham Hospital
Training for Gynecologist

India's No.1 #GynaecEndoscopy & IVF complete Hands-On training center for Budding Gynaecologist, Hands on Training Center offers the most advanced and globally competitive training in the field of Gynaec. Our team has trained 270 candidates last 3 year, Out of that 250 indian Candidates ,20 Foreign Nationals .all trained Candidates doing TLH, TAH,NDVH,IVF at their centers independently .All operatives performed in single hospital only with accomodation,food in house. Our courses based on number of cases Candidate do.

Saidham Cancer Hospital Doctors
Medical Skill Development

The Skill based training courses are the training content developed for enhancing the specific skills of existing professionals or provide for a platform for imparting skills to candidates with no formal qualification. Courses like nursing assistant, Bed side assistant, Dialysis assistant, Nursing Aid.

To undertake the skill based training programme, it is mandatory that the candidate must fulfil the entry criteria provided for the job profile. The training and assessment will certify that the candidate is able to undertake specific set of activities. This must not be equated with the formal qualifications- diploma/ degrees which are given by a University.

Medical Training Program in Maharashtra
Free Covid Treatment

Due to Corona outbreak in our region, the doctors and staff of the Hospital on the request of the Trustees have decided to convert the facility temporarily to provide free of cost treatment to Covid patients and save lives.

Our team has successfully provided free cancer treatment to 350 Covid patients conducted 33 Covid Training camps in rural area of Maharashtra to face any eventuality . And now we are ready to fight war against Covid 19 with your help and support.

Saidham Cancer Hospital , Ahmednagar
Our work drives a big impact, and we hope you can help us.
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